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MeVersusMe is more than a brand or a trend, but a complete lifestyle. The concept can be applied in every aspect of an individual’s life, regardless of age, fitness level or financial circumstance. Built on the foundation of self exploration blended with community support, MeVsMe creates a family feel to all who set out to achieve the best version of themselves. Across all genres and walks of life, individuals are striving towards greatness and would benefit from the strategies, guidance and support we aim to provide. There is always a network of people there to support and reassure you that you are not in it alone. As you commit to discovering what it takes to be the best version of yourself, you can find fellow health enthusiasts by your side as you embark on your journey. We want to be the catalyst that pushes you to do it for yourself! 

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Motivational Sessions

Contact us to book Motivational Sessions. We look forward to sharing some engaging strategies to:

✔︎ Help you get inspired or remain consistent

✔︎ Better understand your “Strength of Mind”

✔︎ Motivate your class/ team/ group

✔︎ Share inspirational journey’s to elevate your goals as a company

✔︎ Motivate you through your physical activity for the day

✔︎ Train with you via Zoom workouts or private training session

✔︎ Mentorship around building your own brand (consumer based or personal development based)

Motivational Sessions